Tuesday, March 06, 2012


I'd like to think of today as more of a 'learning' day, but there are times when I do things that just result in brutalities. Let's look at the definition to grasp this concept, shall we?

Definition of BRUTALITY

: the quality or state of being brutal
: a brutal act or course of action

First of all, any word that has 'being brutal' in its definition is pretty effin hilariously awesome. Secondly, any word that can represent a whole day's worth of my actions is even better.

Here were my brutalities today:

I wanted roasted veggies for lunch. I cut my veggies and was just about to stick them in the oven when I noticed a parsnip top in the mix. I purposely keep a pile of my food scraps out of harm's way, but somehow harm got back in. I swear I don't know how.

While volunteering today, I had to glue a lot of things and pretty much every time I set the glue stick down, it would fall on its side and collect the assortment of fluffs/dirt that were on the carpet (you bet I was on my hands and knees gluing like a true preschooler!).

My hair is a hot mess. Sometimes when I know I'm going to be running that day, I just leave it unwashed, since I'll be getting it all sweaty soon enough. Sadly, for the people who had to look at me today, they might forever be scarred. Luckily I was done looking at it once I left the house! Some people might say that I'm 'being brutal' to my hair, but until it washes itself, it does not have a say! And really, who washes their hair before they run? My point exactly...

I finished another tub of peanut butter...again. I was in a state of being brutal by pretty much scraping the plastic of the container off with the last bits of PB I could manage to use! I was desperate people!

I ate breakfast like a professional basketball player. I don't know why I felt like a bottomless pit today, but I did. It's probably because I didn't get enough peanut butter...

And the last brutal thing - I took some pictures today, but am totally discouraged to put them in this post because my camera is in the other room and I don't want to get it! Also, I didn't take enough pictures to even match what I'm talking about in this post. Reason being: our memory card is full, so in order to add more pics to it, I have to delete the old ones and that just takes time people!

So instead, enjoy this picture of my dinner from Sunday night: tempeh tacos (the only non-brutality to go with this post!)

QUESTION FOR BLOGGERS: How do you do blog posts? Do you plan them out for the week or just go with it when you have an idea?!

...sometimes I feel like I have a ton of ideas and other times none, so I was wondering what's the balance?!?