Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It's recommended that as a nutrition student, you do some volunteering so that your resume looks more desirable (or something along those lines) for when you actually apply to a dietetic internship (ie: to show you have some experience).

To get the ball rolling, I started volunteering at my local hospital at the start of January; helping the dietitian and diet tech with whatever they needed! You might be super jealous to know that as a volunteer, I rock a pretty mean vest (mandatory that volunteers wear).

I'm sure they have a few million extras lying around if anyone wants me to pick them one up ;)

My current task is to put together an informative display for what is known as Nutrition Month (which happens every March), via the Dietitians of Canada website. Each year DC picks a certain nutrition topic to cover - this year's theme is "Get the real deal on your meal!" Here's a look at what it consists of:

What this means is that they've put together a bunch of food myths, and then facts to go against these myths (the red arrow opens down to deliver the truth associated with the above myths). I think this is a great idea for Nutrition Month, but what do you do when you don't agree with all the myths and facts they cover? I'm trying my best to ignore the facts (and even the myths!) that I don't entirely agree with because in all honesty, will anyone ever entirely agree about all the same food ideas?! Highly doubtful.

I do find it to be a very interesting project though and a great way to get involved with DC and my hospital! Any opinions on volunteering while in school? Do you think it's a good way to get your 'foot in the door' or to have an advantage on other students?

After finishing up volunteering for the morning, I came home starving. I dove into some sauteed greens (kale and chard) tossed in some oil with minced garlic, tahini, nutritional yeast and a squeeze of lemon juice to top.

I paired it with some leftover brown and wild rice I had, and topped with some pepper (I never forget the pepper!)

I find these sauteed greens highly addictive, and could probably eat a pound of kale just by preparing it like this. Since I sat down to eat this meal, I don't think I've moved from the couch!

You see, I'm actually on my reading week from school right now, which means I have a week to do nothing. It is the most glorious time. I know by the name it might imply that reading week means you do some reading during that week, but I can't bring myself to do it! I might do a bit of reading (come Sunday night), but as of now, I'm enjoying being able to read and watch whatever I want! Plus, it's not like I have homework, so is reading really necessary?! No, that's what I thought ;)

It's Tuesday, which means cheap night at the movies. Too bad it also means that the hubby plays b-ball. So instead of cheap movie date, hubby will be hitting the court and I will be tearing up the treadmill. This actually works better since my goal for reading week is to workout everyday. I actually started this goal on Saturday, so tonight marks day 4 that I will have got my sweat on in a row!

How many days in a row is too many to workout?!

Time to get off the couch and pretend like I didn't just waste the afternoon watching on-tv movies and re-runs of shows I was half watching, while half building this blog!