Hi, I'm Char (some may call me Charmaine, but let's leave that to my mom!) and welcome to my blog! I like to use humour, but sometimes even I can get it oh so wrong! Be prepared for some lame, dorky jokes coming your way...just don't say I didn't warn you!

I come from the land of my former blog, which still exists, but I needed a change of pace and one totally devoted to my true passion: food and nutrition.

I like to think that my need for efficiency and getting to the point are pro's about me, so keeping up with that tradition, here's who I am in a quick nutshell.

I eat greensYou might have already guessed that from my little blog title, but let's just reiterate it a little more...I absolutely love greens.

I eat a plant-based diet, so you can see where my love of veggies comes from.

Here are just a few of my favourites: swiss chard, kale, Brussel sprouts, peppers, mushrooms, carrots...ok, a few means all!

And, even though I'm head over heels for greens, I'm also a sweets gal. Cookies, cupcakes, chocolate - these are all close runner-ups according to my taste buds (with no animal products, of course!!!). I think there's always room for both in my belly!

I'm also am the type of girl who thinks peanut butter could be its own food group! So, hands off my PB jar!

I'm also currently a student. 

Apart, from being a huge food lover, I'm a huge food studier! I'm a nutrition student, having just gone back (in fall 2011) after finishing my previous undergrad degree back in 2008. I have high hopes of working in the health field, preferably as a Dietitian and more preferably, with children. <---they're totally our future!

I run...and not because someone is chasing me! 

I started getting into longer distance running in 2010 and kind of became addicted. I like to work on increasing my distance and pace, but running just for the sake of running is totally rewarding, too!

I'm somewhat of a 'newbie' racer, having only completed one half marathon (October 2011; side pic) and one 5-miler (December 2011). My goal is to continue running and maybe one day I'll brave a full marathon!

My short-term running plan for 2012 is to complete another half marathon, and a few shorter races (5 and 10 k's).

Apart from eating and running, you can also find me reading (usually school material, but whenever I get a break, I try to get some regular reading in!), watching movies (suggestions please?) and relaxing. Also, I really love cooking and baking - especially new meals. And if you can't handle the heat, then safely exit my kitchen - we like some spice! ;)

Who's the 'we'?

I saved the best for last: I'm married to a stud. We got married on October 16th, 2009 after dating for two years. 

We're both lovers of warm weather, which is why we got engaged and married on the beach.

We're also huge travel junkies (particularly to warm climates); venturing as often as we can. I caught the travel bug after our big adventure to Australia, and it won't go away! I still want to see Europe and South Africa asap!

In between lying on the beach, while you find me studying, you can find him teaching people how to golf. Yes friends, my stud husband is a golf pro, with a passion for helping others become better golfers.

And there you have it!

So, I might have lied a bit, I didn't cover my story in a quick nutshell, but have you ever tried opening one of those things? It does take a while. See, I told you the jokes would be lame :P

Thanks for reading about me! I hope I was able to give you the gist about who I am, but if there are ever anymore questions, here's where you can reach me:

chareatsgreens [at] gmail [dot] com