Monday, March 26, 2012

who was hungry this weekend?!

If you didn't see The Hunger Games this weekend, then you're probably the only one, because everyone and their brother saw it!

For it to be the third highest grossing movie in March ever says a lot about how successful it was.

I admit that I did enjoy it, but I wasn't sure about the ending. Any interpretations?! I haven't read the book, so maybe if I had, I'd understand the ending a little more?! It might just be something I read once exams are over, because now I'm curious.

What are your thoughts on books that turn into movies? Read the book before the movie, or watch the movie first then read the book?

I'm all about watching the movie, then reading the book because I become too critical of a movie if I've read the book first. Mainly because I want the movie to be exactly like how the book was, which is kind of unrealistic because books have the opportunity for more details since it's in writing.

This was honestly the first time the husband and I have been to the movies on a Saturday night in a loooooong time. We usually opt for the cheap night special on Tuesday's because we're cool like that ;)

It was nice to have a date night on an actual weekend night though! And to make up for the extra cost of the tickets on Saturday night, we snuck in our own treats...shhh, don't tell the theater!

I wasn't aware that Taylor Swift had a song for the movie, which kind of excites me because she makes awesome music. If you haven't heard it yet (which I only did a few minutes ago - the inspiration for this post actually), then here it is!

I guess the point of this post is, that if you haven't see the movie yet, you probably should because you don't want to be the one left in the dark. It's not fun when everyone else knows a secret and you're the one saying, "What is it?! Tell me!" ....because no one will tell you, haha.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start! I'm off to learn about some chemistry...oh joy!