Thursday, March 29, 2012

the tester camera

It's not very often that you get things loaned to you to 'try out'...especially expensive things. But when you get those opportunities, run with them!

The husband knows that I've wanted a 'good' camera for quite sometime...and by good, I mean something other than a point-and-shoot; a real SLR. Even though a 'good' camera isn't in our budget quite yet, the husband, being the amazing guy that he is, took it upon himself to talk to someone he knows who's in the camera business. You know, to just ask some questions about cameras (read: so he doesn't have to hear me whine one more time about wanting a good camera).

After a talk with said person, he offered to lend us one of his company's cameras so we could 'try it out for a couple of weeks.' Now, I don't know about you, but how often do you meet amazing people that are willing to do this?! Let's just say, not very often.

He not only offered to do this for us, but had it ready to give to us (just like he said) the next time he saw my husband, which was yesterday. We are now the proud owners of a Fuji X-S1 for the next two weeks!

I'm pretty much scared to breathe around it right now, so once I get past the initial I'm-gonna-break-this-thing phase, I'll get you know how it pans out in terms of what I like about it and what I don't (or what I probably just didn't figure out about the thing!)

I'm very fortunate for this opportunity because this is a camera we're talking about, not just a DVD or a tupperware container (note: I don't even lend those out lightly)! I hope I can maximize on the next two weeks I have with it, so I can fully appreciate the kindness this man has, and hopefully remember to delete all the food pictures I do take on it before returning ;)

Tester camera, here I come!

QUESTION: What's the last nice/amazing/thoughtful thing someone has done for you?!