Friday, March 30, 2012

my very first foodie penpals

So, I had this crazy idea last month to get involved with foodie penpals! How could I be ever so crazy to want to have people mail me food and send some back to someone new in return?!

{If you don't sense the sarcasm, this is where I step in and say, it's totally not crazy!}

Me + the chance to try out new foods + sending someone else new foods = match made in heaven!

So let me get to what I received for my very first round! I had the opportunity to have the amazing Maddie send me a package (she blogs over at Mad Health Chick) and she was nothing short than the best foodie penpal! So what did she send me?!

I actually didn't open this box until three days after I received it! You're probably, yet again, thinking I'm crazy, but I used it as my reward for getting through my really busy week of 2 midterms, an assignment and a ton of homework. It was worth the wait! Upon first opening:

She was so super cute and asked if the chips popped on me...which they totally didn't (score!). I knew at first glimpse, I already loved it. But, when I started taking everything out, I was actually in shock. She outdid herself!

I had never expected to see this much stuff crammed into that box. Let's just say it was an unexpected surprise of the good kind!

Now, to break it down. I was really shocked that most of the stuff I've never tried! This was good because now I have the chance to try them, see if I like them, to know if I want to purchase them myself!

Like, the Enjoy Life gluten- and dairy-free bars...never even seen them before! They were the first things I tried, and they were amazing!! If I can find them around here, I'm definitely getting them again.

Or the teas, have never tried any of these flavours! Also, I'm really excited to try the chocolate bar Maddie sent and actually can't believe I haven't tried it yet (it's mint btw - a total win in my books) ...maybe because when I opened the box, it was all melty! The melty part is totally my fault because, while I didn't open the box for three days, it sat on our TV satellite receptor in our bedroom, and I'm sure you all know how warm those things can get! Oops!

Actually pretty funny, but I'm about to take the Buckwheat Snack (ShaSha Co.) products with me to school today. I'm sure they're amazing, too ;)

And ReBar, it's something I brought with me on Wednesday to school, but didn't end up eating it. I bet it will be awesome, too. Food hardly disappoints me! 

I really loved the addition of the can never go wrong with one of them!

Again, more teas!! I've only tried the one in the orange package so far and it was delish! Next, the spirulina bar. This probably made me the most excited to see because it intrigues me. Sometimes I'm a hoarder when it comes to things that I really enjoy/think I'll enjoy. This goes for coconut water; the husband knows that I have been holding onto my half of a case of coconut water we bought a while ago, while his is all gone. It kills him everyday =). So, I'm not quite sure when I'll actually decide to eat the spirulina bar, but let's hope it clears out before the coconut water does!

And finally, the last two items that I have had before - the sweet potato chips and the dark chocolate peanut butter. Having said that, they are both wonderful and something I would eat again and again, so a nice addition to the package.

I sure think Maddie went above and beyond for March Foodie Penpals and I just want to take a minute to really thank her.

You are awesome Maddie and I really appreciate the amazing package you put together. I am so with you on arranging a meet-up!! Woohoo!

All I can finish with is, I cannot wait for next month - I not only have new inspiration for my future penpal, but have opened a door to meeting amazing new food lovers and bloggers like me.

Have a great Friday everyone!