Saturday, February 25, 2012

in withdrawal

Sometimes the absence of something hits me when I least expect it. Like a Saturday night enjoy a bottle glass of wine and doing statistics homework. Hey, don't judge - stats and wine go great together (it helps make sense of all the Greek letters)!

What am I missing? Australia. It was my dumb move of turning on the Australian radio station that I listened to while I was traveling the east coast there. I knew I avoided listening to it for a reason.

The hubby and I ventured there back in November of 2009, as part of an extended honeymoon (don't worry, it wasn't all honeymoon while we were there, we worked for a bit).

Just to walk down memory lane (and encourage the husband to purchase some new tix to fly us to Australia again), here's a look at our journey. This may just make me miss Australia a little more, but it's worth it. Hey, maybe you'll take me back to Oz instead!

Taking off - LA to Brisbane (when I had short hair!!!)

Finally there!! Rented our first car to move us into our apartment. We had a hard time adjusting to the steering being on the other side of the car and driving on the other side of the road. Definitely need two navigators to do this task!

Checking out the beach we would call home for the next 2 months!

Our apartment was in the tower on the left (in Surfers Paradise).

View from our apartment.

I don't think it's a coincidence that this Mercedes drove by me lol.

Hallway to our apartment (we were the first door on the right)

 The beach I went to everyday that I was not working!!

A highlight of the trip, for sure (plus the most tanned I think I've ever been!)

Somebody had a cookie in his pocket that the kangaroo's were no slowpoke to recognize!

I'll say it...I could have a kangaroo as my pet!

I even tried surfing! I was no natural like the husband, but I sure did enjoy catching a wave the odd time!

Probably one of the funnest adventures we partook in; Fraser Island with a group of amazing people in an off-roader.

Checking out some ruins on the island.

Hanging out in one of my most favourite places EVER (that's bold, I know): Lake McKenzie. If you ever have the chance to visit this lake...DO IT! It is pure amazement.

Next stop on Fraser Island was Lake Wobby where if you sit in the water very still the little fish eat the dead skin off you. I must admit, I jumped a bit!

The sand dunes right behind the lake.

And finally the famous thing you've been waiting for on Fraser Island...the dingo! I had one kick me in the head through our tent...thanks dingo! 

We ventured to Byron Bay, too.

Then, we went to Sydney!!!!!!! <--- note my excitement!

This was one of the most beautiful beaches I have been to, despite being the smallest beach I've been to. It had a European feel, and absolutely gorgeous!

And the reason I forced the husband on a 2 day trip to Sydney:

The day we visited the Sydney Opera House, I tried my best to slow it down and just absorb it all. I told the husband I couldn't leave Australia without seeing this, which is why we took a quick 2 day trip, despite having to move out of our apartment the very day we returned from Sydney! Thank goodness for amazing roomies prepping the apartment for the move out!


The famous bridge!

Then it was onto Noosa...the most amazing beach and had water that was seriously as warm as bath water (without peeing...sorry, had to say it!)

Husband coming in from some surfing.

Camping for night with the roos!!! (don't mind the awkward girl in the pic!)

Our sexy camper:

Our next stop was Cairns - aka: the great barrier reef!!!

Driving to Cairns (and don't mispronounce it - it's said as "Caaaa'ns)!

On our trip out to the Great Barrier Reef!!

Our boat.

The secret to keeping your goggles clear and not fogging up? Spit on them!

The freakiest thing I've ever done? Scuba-diving. At least there's proof I did it because you can definitely count on me never doing it again! (Note: I'm the one on the right...don't be mislead by Tyler's long hair haha)

Me touching a super crazy, slimy clam.

The reef!

Our final trip was on the Great Ocean Road before we left for home.

One of the many scary signs we saw on the drive:

Our hunk of a beast camper we drove on the smallest, windiest road possible ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD! I consider it a blessing we're still alive!

My fave part about Great Ocean Road: the real, legit Grotto (eat your heart out, Hue!)

The blowhole.

And onto the most famous part about GOR, the Twelve Apostles.

Crazy big trees, anyone?!?

(blurry, but captivating)

Cape Patton (amazing lookout).

All in all, it was a trip of a lifetime; one I will never forget and one I will always long to return to. Australia was a place that I had vowed to go to right away, which I did. I told the husband that I was going to matter what, so he could come with me or I would go. He decided to come and I think he was so glad that I talked him into it.

I really feel that I will return to Australia one day (and not just say that I will), because it was a huge experience that changed me! It truly fueled the travel bug in me!

I hope my reflection on an amazing experience encourages you to take that trip you've been hoping/thinking/wishing about, and just do it. You won't regret it. 

We didn't. In fact, we regret we didn't stay longer. All the more reason to make another trip back...soon! ;)

QUESTION: Where is your next trip?!


  1. Anonymous12:19 am

    1.) My husband is obsessed with the idea of living in Australia.

    3.) I think my dog is a dingo.

    1. You still have 18 weeks to make it happen! hahaha

  2. My fiance and I plan on taking an extended working trip to Australia in the next three years (after we pay off his student loans). We want to take advantage of special work visas they have for Queen's engineering grads.

    We are wondering how you found work/what type of work did you do? How did you find a place to live? We don't mind doing non-engineering work, we just need something to help pay the bills!

    1. We got working holiday visas, so the visa itself was valid for a year, but you were only allowed to work at the same employer for 6 months. I got a job at the waterpark, Wet n' Wild and Tyler got a job at Sea World. It's sort of fluke that we both ended up at amusement parks, but for the pay you get as a temporary is actually more than the full-timers made and definitely beats minimum wage here in Canada ANY day.

      Hope you can find work in engineering, but just apply to anything and everything. I can't even remember how many jobs I applied to, to get the one. It was tough and scary. We luckily had brought a decent amount of money to start, and if it weren't for that, we might have been on a plane home as soon as we got there!

      We got our rental through an agent. We actually ended up paying a bit to get out of our lease early, just so we could start traveling sooner. We lived the highlife while we were there, and I would suggest not doing that. It's one thing to have a nice apartment, but it's not worth it, since it's only temporary.

      I hope this helps, but seriously...anymore questions, email me!!!!