Sunday, May 27, 2012

my first 10k race and attempt at a green thumb

And's already Sunday again, which means I haven't blogged in a week. My bad.

Putting that aside...

This morning I ran in my first 10k. It may seem silly considering I've already ran a half marathon (which I did a full recap of on my other blog and plan to reblog it over here!) and a 5-miler, but never a 10k. It was honestly the perfect distance for where I'm at in my running "career." I think I'll take the summer off, and attempt a second half in 2013 - sounds like a good year to me!

In terms of running races in general though, I think I need to run in more just to get over that initial nervous feeling, because it was all up in me this morning! I pretty much get to a race just before it's about to start just so I don't have the build up of nerves.

For this one today, I got there with 15 minutes to spare, which was just enough time for me to get safety pins and get that number on me!

 The hubby generously took a pic of me pre-race (aka the nicer looking version of me).

The post-race pics aren't as pretty, mainly because I always wear more clothing than I should, and then become overheated while running. Yes, I'm so brilliant.

The hubby couldn't come with me to the race because he had to work, but I somehow coaxed my mom and sister into attending. Ok so I bribed my sister with Starbucks...nbd.

My sister was my professional photog - she took a good action shot of me. But first, let me tell you about the course. Along with a 10k, they also had a 5k and 1k; the track I was on was actually a 5k and 10k peeps just ran it twice. This allowed me to run past my mom and sister halfway, which was so nice when you just wish that you signed up for the 5k instead.

I was happy when it was over and note to self: dress how you planned on dressing even if the weather doesn't feel like it will warm up because it does - hello, you're running!!

Me and the little sis after. I'm surprised she got that close to me. I warned her I was a sweaty mess, but she must love me that much to see past my smelliness.

We hung out for a little bit and then we went to the greenhouse.

I've never had a garden before (especially since I live in a gardenless place - aka townhouse with no lawn), but knew I wanted at least some herbs in some pots on the balcony.  My grandma graciously gave me some old potters a few weeks ago, and they have just been sitting on my balcony with no plant life in them.

So after the race, I asked my mom if we could stop at this one greenhouse we drive by, especially since I knew their herbs were on sale.

$20 later, I had some very nice herbs and a few other things, plus soil to fill those empty potters.

My sister came back to my place and watched me make a mess plant away, which didn't take too long, or maybe I just don't know what I'm doing...hence the 'first attempt at a green thumb' title.

I successfully got everything transferred to pots and here is this final look:

I also have a few peony plants snuck in there that my mom bought me last weekend because I love peonies. I'm pretty excited for them to bloom!

Just disregard the pile of soil in the cardboard box. Like I said, my planting was more like 'scattering soil' - I think I slightly confused it for confetti.

I hope they survive for at least a month, because I'm about to get into what I actually purchased today.

Ok, so I lied - I didn't purchase the chives; they're from my grandma's garden that she dug up for me yesterday. But, I promise the rest I did the basil below.

A hot pepper plant (!!!) and kale (!!!!) - clearly I'm a big fan of both.

The herb plant pot - cilantro (my absolute fave), parsley and watercress. 

I lined everything up at the back of my balcony and crossing fingers, eyes and toes that they will grow and survive to give me good food all summer.

And finally, I also got two little plants for inside.

Really interested in seeing how my green thumb is...

QUESTION: How is your green thumb? Or do you have one? AND/OR what is your favourite thing to grow/would want to grow if you had a garden?!