Monday, May 07, 2012

i've gone to the dark side

This morning I'm actually blogging from my phone, because yes, I've gone to the dark side. I'm now a proud iPhone owner!!

I went without a cellphone in general for over 2 weeks and finally, enough was enough. So far I'm loving it and never again would I choose blackberry before iPhone (sorry RIM!).

I'm not just doing this post from my phone because I can now but because the hubby and I are on the way to Cleveland for him to play in a tourney.

Because I'm not sure how pictures will upload in the blogger app (ie: all together at the end of the post or in between paragraphs where I'd actually like to add them), I'll just assume it's all at once at the end. So here's my first collection of photos taken via iPhone.

Oh and just another thing, on top of traveling to Cleveland today, we actually were away this weekend because the hubby's sister and her fam rented an awesome house in the town where my husband commutes to work anyways! So we got to hang out with them (read: I crashed their party while Tyler worked all day!) and the hubby didn't have to worry about an hour commute each way all weekend! So my picture summary is pretty much of being up there this weekend.

Before I get into the picture segment, I have one last thing to say...we found the best raw vegan place ever to eat!! You'll find a few pics from there because I pretty much took over this weekend. We pretty much provided them their business this weekend also. I can't wait to go back up there. I'm already in withdrawal!

Hope you all had a great weekend and a great week! And wish my hubby some hole in ones in his golf tourney =)