Monday, April 09, 2012

smoothie crisis avoided + lots of studying

Ok, so I try to pretend like some of the things the husband does, doesn't bother me...and by that I mean, I don't try at all. I think he's learning to adapt ;)

So, when it came to, oh about an hour ago, when I wanted to make a delicious, healthful smoothie, there was one thing missing. And by one, I mean three things - all three cups for our magic bullet.

What does the husband have to do with this? He makes a smoothie every morning and brings it to work...and leaves the cups there. It makes it pretty hard to use the magic bullet with 1/2 of it missing!

I didn't give up (well, I almost did), and finally went the alternate route.

The inverse-mason-jar-on-a-blender route! Works like a charm every time!

In the mix today:

  • 1 orange Kiju drinking box
  • handful of frozen strawberries 
  • small handful of frozen raspberries
  • 1/2 scoop sunwarrior warrior blend protein (vanilla)
  • handful of spinach

If you're ever in a pickle, definitely do this!

I'll normally only use the mason jar if I'm having a ginormous smoothie, so that's why it looks so empty above!

Unfortunately the smoothie's finished now, but my studying isn't.

I have my first exam tomorrow and write my last one on the 20th. This will be a very dull and over-loaded week and a half for me.

I've been studying all morning and afternoon for my exam tomorrow morning (ummm, who seriously schedules exams at 8:30am?!?!); doing a few problems and reading through the information again, I think I'll do fine!

I'm soooo over school. Good thing I start again come May 10th for 3 summer courses. What the heck was I thinking?