Thursday, April 12, 2012

bringing back breakfast + important things to note

Call me crazy (actually, please don't!), but I brought back an old breakfast favourite. I don't know where it disappeared to for the last few months (probably somewhere behind all the pancakes I was eating!), but it finally made a comeback. Toast with PB&J.

Just as good as I remembered! Don't ever leave me for that long again...unless your name is pancakes and you have another litre of maple syrup to provide us with because we mysteriously already devoured the one my mom gave us a week ago.

Ok so, not a litre, but still a decent amount that could probably last a family of 4 a month, yet it lasted this family of 2...6 days. Make that 5.

This is also a good time to let you guys in on some important things that I have to note. Pay attention because they may come in handy someday.

#1: always be careful, not to fill your tea mug too full so that when you walk, it spills all over you, and you end up a burn victim.

This was after the down-the-hall spillage...hence the cm space in the mug now. Speaking of cm's, yes that's my calculated AND the periodic table featured in this pic. You must be super jealous of the things I do in a day ;)

#2: your frying pan should always look like this:

I don't care how many times the veggies fall out as you try to stir it, you should always have a frying pan that's overflowing with them. Plus, kale wilts down so much that it's like you never put any in!

#3: I drink water like I've been in the Sahara for 5 years, and you should too.

I drink at least one of those canisters everyday (it holds 1182mL), along with water upon waking and with everything in between. I'd like to say that my bladder is as solid as that water bottle, but unfortunately it's not! And don't drink a lot before bed like me. But if you do, let's compare times for when we get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night - mine's hanging around 1-2am right now!

#4: make your own gnocchi.

It totally beats the stuff you buy in the fridge section at the grocery store. If I knew that my first attempt at making gnocchi would turn out fabulous, I would have tried sooner. Looking at this picture makes me want to make more right now. Just don't share any with your husband because he'll eat it all on you, and then your hard work goes to waste. When he asks what you're making, say, "what gnocchi?! I don't see any!"

And there you have it...very important things, clearly.

Time to get back to studying chemistry - my least favourite thing about 'important things to note.'