Sunday, March 18, 2012

defied all odds

Today I did the most unlikely thing I've done all week...I switched up my breakfast!

I am such a toast with PB&J kinda gal, that I cannot get enough of it, but this morning, I made a vow to myself (and other food choices) to not go there. I had to remind myself that I wasn't allow to make toast this morning.

It was oatmeal's time to reshine! (is it ironic that my toaster is in the pic above? ;))

I defied all odds! Especially since 'defy' means to openly resist and I think I pretty much did that this morning when I had to tell myself...NO toast! ;) I had the 'classic' oatmeal; complete with brown sugar and (almond) milk with a little not-so-classic mix-ins like ground flax, a little cinnamon, blueberries and raisins (unpictured - I added them after the shot...oops!)


I managed to bust out another outdoor run yesterday (after a little coaching myself, like I've done before), but the weather caught me off guard! I guess I'm still not overly used to this warm weather, that I actually went out for a midday run with a jacket on. What was I thinking? Let's just say that it came off within a matter of minutes! I really have forgotten since last spring/summer why I chose to run either in the morning or evening...makes sense again!

(because this is what happens when I come home from a midday run...sweaty mess!)

I really don't believe in pushing yourself when you know your body can't take it, and I'm almost sure that I didn't do this yesterday, but I'm not 100%. See, on my last run (from Tuesday), once I had gotten home, I had realized (luckily it didn't interfere with running) that my ankle was kind of sore. Then, I was going to run again on Thursday, but didn't end up doing it, and thank goodness I didn't because on Friday I actually noticed that my ankle was a little swollen. I didn't even think to check for this in previous days. I just assumed it was a little sore.

It kind of worried me that it was still swollen 3 days after I ran, and it doesn't help that it still hurts a little bit. But luckily, I didn't reswell it with my run yesterday.

Do you like my new use of words with 're' in front?! Reshine. Reswell.

Just don't push yourself if you know it might negatively impact your body and have you out for longer than if you had just decided to take a break.

I think I better google some exercises to strengthen ankles, apparently! And, take it easy when I do decide to run next!

Such a gorgeous Sunday out there. Hope you ate your oatmeal or pancakes or cereal or toast and are going to enjoy this beautiful day! I have homework ahead of me (2 midterms + an assignment due next week...yay, for school work never ending!) and welcome my hubby home.

I never told you any of this, but he was gone all week on a March Break golf trip with some juniors. He was down in South Carolina!

The only reason I wasn't jealous (or bitter) that he was gone and I was stuck at home is because the weather was so beautiful here. I wouldn't be surprised if our weather actually beat his one day! So anyways, he comes back later this evening, which is awesome.

Have a great day!

QUESTION: What did you have for breakfast?! Is there anything you had that you think would permanently detach me from eating toast every morning?!