Thursday, February 23, 2012

thursday things

Thursday Things = random facts I feel like sharing (mainly from today, but, honestly, just whatever pops to mind). You should do some Thursday Things, too (or Friday, or Saturday) and link back.

1. I'm on day 6 of working out in a row. Why am I emphasizing this everyday? Well, as a student, some days I'm on campus for 11 hours wishing I could just be at the gym having CrossFit kick my butt. So obviously my vow to workout everyday while on break is totally sticking. Downfall: I smell everyday.

2. I ran tonight (which was less torturous than my Tuesday run...thank goodness) and I'm doing the CrossFit Open workout tomorrow. You know you want to do it, too (7 minutes to do as many burpees as you can). Tina's husband did 119. My hubby said the highest at our gym (from this morning) was 115. He was leaving work as people in the evening were doing it, so there is potential for a higher number.

3. This whole workout thing really puts a damper on having clean hair. I'm sorry hair, but there are sacrifices you have to make for the sake of staying in shape. One day you'll understand.

4. I'm making a batch and a half of cookies tonight. It's kind of like a challenge for the husband and I. We each get a baking sheet and see whose cookies turn out better (ie: mine every. single. time.)

5. I made a ridiculously good hummus yesterday. Look for that recipe here tomorrow (especially if you like artichokes).

6. Yesterday was the first time I ever made hummus. Why have I never made hummus before? Did I really just waste the last 25 years of my life not making hummus...yup.

7. Peanut butter is my drug. I buy it in bulk and it feels like I'm constantly refilling the damn thing. Yet another trip to Bulk Barn tomorrow - let's just hope they don't notice this addiction, or if they do, a discount would be nice.

8. Today felt like spring, but that was just a tease. This is what we have to look forward to overnight and tomorrow:

9. I think I'm addicted to Caffe Americano's...well done, Starbucks. (PS - for the best way to enjoy it: top with soy milk and get 2 pumps of cinnamon dolce flavouring).

10. The husband and I eat this same dish every week without ever getting sick of it...ever. Ever! One little tip: add way more veggies than the recipes asks for. Tonight's addition was: kale, broccoli, yellow pepper, brown mushrooms, onion, carrots, celery and bok choy. Like I said...I eat greens. Now it's time to match my veggie consumption in cookies...I mean, I am doing a bunch of burpees in the morning!