Sunday, March 11, 2012

my very first GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

Guess whaaaaaaaat?!

The clocks turned ahead this morning, but you already knew that ;)

So, since I've already lost one hour of the day, I'm going to keep this post short and simple, and get right to the point. We have no time to waste!

I'm doing my very first GIVEAWAY! *insert screams of excitement*

My dear friends at LARABAR asked if I wanted to host a giveaway and I was like pffft...of course!!

This giveaway comes from the latest recognition that LARABAR receive on The Biggest Loser. You can view the video here.

Here's what you'll win!

2 Cherry Pie and 2 Peanut Butter Cookie could be yours!

I don't know if losing an hour can get any better than having the chance to win some LARABARs!!!

What you have to do to win!

Here are your options - you can do one or both in order to be entered:

1. Comment below telling me what YOUR favourite flavour of LARABAR is, and/or

2. Tweet about this giveaway! You could say something along the lines of "@chareatsGREENS is holding a contest to win some @larabar!! Enter for your chance, here:" Once tweeted, leave a comment below saying you did!

*This contest is open to US and Canadian residents.

You have until Friday, March 16th to enter and I'll announce the winner on Saturday!

Happy entering and happy Sunday everyone!